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- The Siburg Company, LLC - Brochure



Business Strategies and Planning

- Eight Essential Elements of an Exit Strategy for Business Owners

- Are Spreadsheets Running Your Business?

- 5 Options for Utilizing Free Cash Flow

- Financial Business Modeling can Help Executives Predict Outcomes

- The Importance of Measuring Salespeople's Performance

- Letters of Intent:  An Underused Tool to Get a Deal to "Done"

- Implementing a Business Exit Strategy

- How to Profit From the Commoditization of Products or Services

- Making Your Mark - Tips for Identifying, Adopting and Protecting a Trademark

- Reasons for Business Valuations Being Lower

- Are National Trade Shows a Good Use of Marketing Dollars

- Budget - Even If It's on the Back of a Napkin

- The 100-Day Employee-Integration Plan for Mergers and Acquisitions

- How Acquisitions Succeed

- 5 Items for a Company to Consider for the Economic Turnaround

- Proprietary Product Lines and Their Benefits to Distributors

- Make More Profit by Managing Gross Margin

- Small Changes Add Up to Big Profits

- Cash is King of the Balance Sheet


Exit Planning for Business Owners - Series

- Planning to Sell vs. Needing to Sell

- Preparing the Company for Sale:  What Buyers Want to See

- Determining Value for a Company

- What Creates Value in Your Company?

- When You're Selling Your Company: Key Choices, Key Moves


Taking Care of Business Series

- Managing Your Cash Flow

- Accounts Receivable Management

- Asset-Based Lending

- Managing Your Inventory

- Risk Management



- Preparing a Business for Sale Before Selling It

- Accounts Receivable Management

- Asset Based Lending

- Cash Preservation - How a Business Survives

- Inventory Management

- Manufacturing Recommendations

- Proprietary Product Lines and Their Benefits to a Distributor



Independent Consulting


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